About Us

Using Chief Architect software, HG3D brings visualization to life.  Helping others to see beyond 2D drawings when making life changing investments such as buying, or renovating a house, landscaping a property, furnishing a room, or even virtually staging  your property listing.  Using CAD files, floor plans, or defined measurements HG3D can create varied 3D aspect drawings to visualize home interiors and exteriors.  Attention will be given to details such as building materials, lighting, furnishings, and accents, and will be applied providing photo-realistic renderings.
HG3D is a valued business serving Architects, Home builders, Interior designers, Realtors, Landscape designers, Home owners and more.
  • Creation of 3D architectural models from floor plans, CAD files, photographs, or sketches
  • Creation of 3D terrain from site plans, or imported topography data 
  • Generation of high quality renders depicting planned or alternative renovations for interior & exterior spaces
  • 360 panoramas, 3D model sharing, and video walk-throughs
  • Floor plan enhancements for website and marketing material
  • Generation of 2D plans,  Elevations, Cross Sections, Electrical Plans, Roof Plans, and  Site Plans to assist with Plan Submissions 
  • Building Material Estimations
  • Space planning
  • Furniture Layouts
  • Kitchen, Bath, Mudroom, and other cabinetry Designs 
HG3D ensures that the customers' visualization needs are met.  Special attention is given to details to closely illustrate project results, while allowing changes in the planning stages.
Anne Marie and Patrick Minshall   *****    
We hired Dru to help us visualize our plans for our home we are building.  Not only was Dru a pleasure to work with, she was also prompt and professional.  Building a house can be stressful enough.  We didn't want to make an expensive mistake as well.  Having Dru bring our ideas to life allowed us to see where potential problems could be so we could revise until we got the look we wanted.  We would highly recommend Dru and would hire her again!

Shelley Austin   *****    
Dru helped my to visualize both my kitchen and bathroom prior to hiring a contractor.  I  had delayed this renovation project for some time as it seemed overwhelming with measuring and pulling together ideas.  Dru helped me to get excited and dive into the project positively with her professionalism and guidance through the process.  I found Dru to be responsive, flexible and able to provide ideas and solutions tot he little details required for my kitchen.  To see my kitchen in 3D fashion with details of colours, cabinetry, tiles, counters etc. was so exciting.  I would definitely recommend Dru and her rendering process to anyone,  You will not be disappointed.

Luz Marina *****
I had the pleasure of dealing with Dru when I required a rendering for a residence project.  The end result was very professional and exceeded my expectations.  Dru was very attentive to my needs and I would use her services over and over.  

Dan Sterk *****
Thanks Dru for helping us visualize our blueprints and avoid making some design mistakes.  The renderings were invaluable to helping us understand how the spaces and textures will work together and  how our furniture will fit in the available space.

Debby McClure *****
My husband and I are planning to build a new home and cannot thank Dru enough for the helpfulness that the 3D renderings of our drawings have provided.  The quick and efficient work by Dru was amazing.  It has helped us to identify areas that need to be changed before getting to the building stage.  The 3D pictures give you the feeling of walking through the home as though it was already built.  We gave her photos and measurements of some custom made furniture, which she has placed in the design, and it looks just like our furniture!  We would recommend Dru and the 3D process to anyone looking to build ar renovate a home.

Karim Assaf *****
Dru helped me create a beautiful floor plan with 3D renderings which I used to gut renovate a 2200 sq ft apartment in Queens NY.  The contractors were able to follow the plans, and after 4 months of work my apartment came out exactly as the plans Dru helped me create.  I highly recommend using her services and will definitely use her again the future.

Move or Improve in NJ *****
We have collaborated with Dru on several projects.  She has a keen eye for design, she is prompt, and above all, professional. She is honest and true to her word... which is a valuable asset in any business.

Heather Kendall *****
HG3D is an  excellent tool for our business.  It allows us to present accurate design concepts to our clients, right down to the fabrics, materials, size and styles.  Our clients find it helpful to visualize their spaces before committing to investing in their renovation or project.

Cameron *****
We hired Dru for two recent home projects and were absolutely thrilled with the results.  The professionalism, timelines and quality to which they were delivered was excellent.  We threw countless changes at her and the response was always "no problem" and she would quickly have the modified plans back to  us in short order.  Our first project was an interior basement renovation last year and Dru's  3D conception drawings gave us a perspective that was not possible with typical 2D plans.  We utilized Dru again recently for our backyard pool and landscaping project and she was instrumental in providing plans that not only gave us a great perspective on the end result, but also plans that we used for building permits and environmental impact permits.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend HG3D and will undoubtedly hire  Dru again in the future.

Sayward *****
Renovating a kitchen is a big undertaking.  As a very "visual" person, I needed to see several different style options before committing to the project.  HG3D provided me with many variations on coloUr, lighting, flooring. etc... I was able to clearly see my new "dream kitchen" "on-line" before hiring a contractor.  The service was friendly, fast, flexible, and affordable.  I can't speak highly enough about HG3D.